WATCH: Ewarton Farmer Claims 18 Goats Shot Dead, Eaten By Residents

December 8, 2022 0 By Horace Mills

A farmer from Pollyground district in Ewarton, St Catherine, Orden Walden, is accusing another farmer of killing 18 of his goats.

The suspect, who’s a well-known businessman and farmer in Ewarton, is said to have been complaining that the animals have been trespassing on his property.

Walden disagrees.

He took The Beacon through bushes to the suspect’s property, pointing out that, as far as he could see, there was no proof that his goats destroyed any of the suspect’s crops.

Walden said it appears his goats escaped from the area where he usually keeps them confined.

Farmer Orden Walden claims that 18 of his goats have been killed by another farmer in his community.

He argued that, considering how serious the suspect is as it relates to animals venturing onto his property, he should ensure that the said property is properly enclosed.

There is a fence. But Walden contends that the entrance gate is usually left open like a trap, waiting for the next stray animal to enter.

He also claimed that, on September 8 when his goats disappeared, he heard several gunshots coming from the suspect’s property.

Walden added that, when he went to make checks, he saw the suspect on his farm along with a group of men with some of the goats that apparently had been shot dead.

Walden went to report the matter at Ewarton Police Station.

He stated that, when he returned home, he realized that the dead goats were distributed in the community.

He said a number of residents mocked him while they had a mutton feast.

“Dem keep a large party and cook and eat when mi at the police station for four hours,” Walden said. “By mi reach back in the community, dem cook the goat and eat and everything already. And mi can’t walk [without being teased]; everybody mek it funny.”

Losing 18 goats is tantamount to losing big bucks.

“Mi give the police a rough estimate of about $640,000 for the 18 goats,” Walden said, adding that the value may be higher as some of the goats were pregnant and bloodline sale could fetch higher than usual prices. “One goat can sell for up to $100-and-add-thousand as little as a six-month old kid.”

The monetary loss is not all that’s on Walden’s mind. He said threatening remarks have left him feeling fearful for his life.

“A lot of threat a send around seh if mi call name who a goh cut out belly or whose head a goh cut off,” he claimed.

Walden and the suspect have not been on speaking terms since before the animals were killed.

Walden told The Beacon that he is in search of justice, but justice appears elusive especially based on what he has been told by officers at Ewarton Police Station.

“The police said they cannot charge the suspect because mi can’t identify the goats by the colour. And mi stand up and watch the man dem skin mi goat; mi stand up [and watch] before dem tek the skin off right there on him (the suspect’s) farm,” Walden insisted.

It’s not the first time that he is suffering a huge loss in farming, but he declared that he has no intention to end his love affair with his agricultural career.

“Dem steal about 13 goats from mi off the farm about five years aback,” he lamented.

The Beacon has made several attempts to get a response from the man accused of killing the goats, but his phone has been ringing without an answer. Messages were also left for him at his business-place in Ewarton, but he is yet to return the calls.

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