VIDEO: Randall Gallimore Released; His Family Questions Police Behaviour

VIDEO: Randall Gallimore Released; His Family Questions Police Behaviour

September 8, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is facing criticism after releasing without charge a man whom it had listed as wanted in relation to the shooting of a police inspector at Linstead, St Catherine, on Monday, September 5.

The man, who was taken into custody, is 25-year-old Randall Gallimore, otherwise called ‘Nibbs’, from Wakefield district in Linstead.

The JCF published his photograph, name and address while identifying him as a suspect in the shooting of Police Inspector Damian Butler.

His photo was published on the same day the officer, as well as a taxi operator, was shot and wounded near Wakefield taxi stand in Linstead.

When The Beacon contacted the JCF’s corporate communications arm two days later, it informed our news team that Gallimore had been released from police custody without charge, pending further investigations.

Some of Gallimore’s close relatives, in the meantime, said the publication of his image has placed his life at risk and has tarnished his reputation. They also questioned whether the police conducted proper investigation before naming their loved-one as being wanted.

Gallimore now fears for his life, according to one of his relatives, who claimed that she also was handcuffed and taken from her home in a police vehicle while the cops searched for Gallimore.

Elaborating on what the police officers did when they showed up at her residence, the woman said they asked for a man known as Oshane. No one with that name lives at the premises, she told The Beacon.

Ramdall Gaallimore. Photo provided

She added that the police later asked if anyone at the residence wears a tattoo, and that’s when Gallimore’s name was given.

“When dem hear seh him have on the tattoo, that’s when dem start react,” the relative added.

With that information regarding the tattoo, the police team allegedly started to search the premises.

It is said that they also kicked and destroyed four room doors as well as furniture.

Gallimore’s relative further lamented that the police used derogatory and threatening language in relation to her as well as in comments regarding Gallimore.

After that relative was taken to the police station, arrangement was made for Gallimore to be brought to a Justice of the Peace (JP).

When that was done, the JP reportedly contacted the police who eventually went to his home and picked up Gallimore.

Gallimore was questioned and released.

“Him actually a fret. From dem let him out from the station, him don’t come out pon di road; him afraid,” his relative told The Beacon.

Members of Gallimore’s family, in the meantime, said they have been trying without success to get the JCF to issue a public statement declaring that Gallimore was not charged in relation to the shooting incident for which he was listed as wanted.

The JCF, in declaring that Gallimore was wanted, had sent his photograph and personal information to media houses across the island.

Asked if the family is contemplating legal action against the JCF, the family spokesperson said: “No; wi just want dem fi clear him (Gallimore’s) name… Mi just want dem fi put out that he is wrongfully accused… Nobody can feel comfortable [if that is not done]. Worse in a time like this, people can just si him an hurt him.”

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