VIDEO: Mother Of Slain Child Speaks Out, Recalls Him Being Happy And Helpful

VIDEO: Mother Of Slain Child Speaks Out, Recalls Him Being Happy And Helpful

March 29, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon
This audio report was done on Monday, March 28, a day after the murder.

Morena Taylor broke down in tears as she recalled her bleeding 13-year-old son, Omarion Haniford, better known as Omar, saying he was going to die seconds after his uncle allegedly stabbed him in the neck.

She told The Beacon that the incident happened Sunday morning, March 27, shortly after she and her son finished sweeping their yard, located at Morant Housing Scheme in Croft’s Hill, Clarendon.

Taylor recalled telling her son to go to the shop to purchase items needed for dinner. Omarion went into the house for a bag in which to carry the goods.

“In a split second, mi hear Omarion bawl out ‘Mummy, mi dead!” the mother told The Beacon. She added that her son, while crying out, mentioned his paternal uncle’s alias, suggesting that the wound was inflicted by him.

Omarion, who ran from the house and collapsed in the yard, was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said the uncle is alleged to have used a ratchet knife to stab the child in the neck “during a dispute”.

But Omarion’s mother said there was no dispute. “There was no argument, nothing like that. All of us were in the yard alright,” she asserted.

The uncle, who is in custody, is said to be in his early 20s. He lives in another section of Clarendon known as McNie. However, on the night before the murder, he went to Omarion’s home along with his brother, who is Omarion’s father.

It is said that the uncle has been acting strange in recent times and reportedly claimed that he was hearing voices in his head when he allegedly carried out the stabbing.

Omarion’s mother broke down in tears when she recalled how passionate her son was about becoming a soldier.

“Omarion was a good child; good little boy. He was very mannerable, helpful, kind, willing,” his mother said.

A similar sentiment was expressed by Texal Christie, Principal at the Clarendon-based Kellits High School where Omarion was in Grade 8.

“He was a good boy; he was very lively and so forth and he was not a child that give a lot of trouble. He was full of life and happy, kind, and jovial. His mother is a mother I know; she is always here at PTA; she is one of those parents who you know,” added Christie.

The child’s mother, as well as his father Fitzroy Haniford, visited the school yesterday.

The principal said the inistitution was also visited by social workers and guidance officers from the education ministry, as well as guidance counsellors from neighbouring schools – Brandon Hill Primary, Staceyville Primary, McNie All Age and James Hill Primary.

“They were here to speak with the parents [of the slain student] and they counselled the students who were familiar with Omarion,” the principal said. “The mood at the school is very sombre,” he added.

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