VIDEO: Mother Dies After Hearing Wrong Info Her Son Is Killed

VIDEO: Mother Dies After Hearing Wrong Info Her Son Is Killed

July 30, 2022 0 By Horace Mills

Jordane Thompson, otherwise called Pops, is a hard-working young farmer in his rural community of Cowley, located in St Ann and close to the town of Kellits in Clarendon.

He has a reputation for giving jokes.

But there hasn’t been much for Thompson to joke about since Monday morning, July 25, when he heard about the death of his mother, Icylin Smythe, who lived in Kingston for years with her common-law-husband.

The death, in and of itself, is a massive blow.

It gets even worse when one considers the purported circumstances.

Thompson told The Beacon that, based on information he received, his 54-year-old mother collapsed and died shortly after getting false information that he was among two men gunned down in his community.

Thompson was among several people who had just left a party in his district when three gunmen showed up shortly before 4 AM on Monday.

They robbed patrons who were inside the wooden bar where the event was hosted.

One of the gunmen also shot two of the patrons, killing them.

The deceased, both farmers from the community, are 37-year-old Kadian James and 19-year-old Demitri Harvey.

Thompson is among party goers who narrowly escaped the gunmen’s wrath.

Thompson said, when daylight came, he, as well as other residents, went to the area where the shooting transpired.

That’s where he was when he got the shocking news about his mother’s demise.

He said he was not aware of his mother having any medical issue. A post mortem is yet to be done to determine the cause of death.

The late mother of seven worked as a cook for many years at Cowley Evangelistic Basic School until she branched off into domestic work when she relocated to Kingston.

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