Mother Hosts Candlelight Vigil, Says Daughter Found Murdered In Soldier’s Car

Mother Hosts Candlelight Vigil, Says Daughter Found Murdered In Soldier’s Car

March 9, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon
Oshine Lawrence, mother of two

The family of 27-year-old Oshine Lawrence hosted a candlelight vigil on Sunday, claiming that she is the person whose bullet-riddled body was found in a soldier’s car just over a week ago.

Lawrence’s mother, Margaret Brown, said her daughter is from Old Harbour in St Catherine and was a sex worker in Kingston.

The St Andrew Central Police have reported that, shortly after 4 o’clock on the morning of Saturday, February 26, officers responded to reports of a motor vehicle accident and saw a woman’s bullet-riddled body in the front passenger seat of a motor car on Caledonia Avenue in Cross Roads, St Andrew. The car reportedly belongs to a Jamaica Defence Force sergeant, who is also a licensed firearm holder.

The soldier was taken into custody for questioning. Reports surfaced in the press last evening that he has refused to hand over his firearm to investigators for inspection.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has not publicly disclosed the name of the deceased despite several media queries.

Brown, who said the police have informed her that the autopsy is expected to be done this week, recalled being in Old Harbour after daybreak on Saturday when she got a phone call from a woman telling her to travel into Kingston.

She started the journey, thinking it was her daughter who wanted to see her. According to her, she often met her daughter in Kingston to collect money from her to purchase groceries for her two children – a 10 year-old girl and an eight year-old boy.

Brown told The Beacon that, while traveling to Kingston, she got a phone call informing her that her daughter was killed.

She completed the trip to Kingston, where she met her daughter’s colleagues in the streets and collected some of her belongings, including her cell phone.

“The young girl dem told me that my daughter hand over her phone and her knife to them before she went away with the man [who allegedly killed her]… She is someone who would defend herself to the end. Mi know if she did have the knife, the person who kill her would be dead tuh,” the mother said.

She added: “There is something fishy that mi can’t really explain. How a person would hand over their phone and everything and go with a person who they really don’t trust? If him and mi daughter into something and she said it’s over, him should goh him ways instead put bullets all over her.”

The mother described Lawrence as jovial. “She was kind and loving. But if yuh duh something to hurt her, she not coming around yuh; she going to avoid yuh,” she added.

Brown further stated that she told her daughter to quit being a sex worker and to return to her home in Old Harbour, but she insisted that she could not do so as she had to take care of her two children, whose father is not the soldier who was taken into custody.

The mother said Lawrence also helped some of her other relatives financially – especially her teenage sister who is still in school.

“Her killer leave her two children on me now to suffer. Right now, mi nuh know how dem a goh school. Him heart evil,” the mother asserted. “Everything jus stagnant pon mi now.”

The mother, who said she is unemployed, also stated that she is clueless as to how she will foot the cost of burying her daughter.

She noted that her common-law-husband Ashley Richards, who is Lawrence’s step-father, died almost two years ago and he too is yet to be buried due to financial constraints. “A two dead mi have pon mi right now,” she lamented.

Following her interview with The Beacon, Perry’s Funeral Home in Spanish Town offered to bury the common-law-husband.

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