Jeans Day Fuss – Charlemont Denies Sending Home Students Wearing Ripped Jeans

Jeans Day Fuss – Charlemont Denies Sending Home Students Wearing Ripped Jeans

April 1, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon

Amid outrage, the leadership of Charlemont High School in Linstead, St Catherine, is denying claims that students were sent home today because they wore ripped jeans to the institution during the hosting of what is known as Jersey Day.

As part of the event, students were allowed to wear either their uniform or certain casual outfits such as jeans.

Valdin Legister, vice principal, told The Beacon that the school had made it clear that ripped jeans would not be allowed. It makes no difference whether or not the rip reveals the students’ skin, he added.

“Strict instruction was given that they should not wear ripped jeans; this was communicated in writing and it was announced over the PA system,” Legister asserted. “We are trying to maintain a standard at Charlemont and so we can’t just accept anything. We are trying to lift the standard… It’s a choice. If students decide to go with the Jersey Day activity, they go in the proper gear. If they don’t have the proper gear, they wear their uniform.”

Legister added that he is not aware of any student being sent home due to the wearing of ripped jeans. “I can’t confirm that; I have no knowledge of that… A matter of fact, the students who even had on ripped jeans, after a while, I recorded their names and they were allowed into the school.”

Legister declined to state how many students wore ripped jeans, but he made it clear that parents are welcomed to bring their grouses to the attention of the school.

“I welcome parents to bring any issue they have; all they have to do is communicate with us,” Legister said.

A guardian set off a firestorm in an open claim that the school turned back her cousin because he wore a ripped jeans. She posted a photo showing the child in the ripped jeans, noting that the skin was not exposed.

“Him pay him fare reach Charlemont School an dem turn him back… Mi hurt, Charlemont. Oonu fi duh better than that,” the guardian told a group of parents and teachers. “Mi know rules and everything, and me as a parent always goh by rule,” she noted.

Other parents also expressed outrage.

One of them said she did not see an issue with students wearing ripped jeans to the event if the rips are not revealing. She added that, if any bad had befallen the child allegedly sent home, the institution would be held responsible. In addition, the parent lamented that students who wore ripped jeans were left outside the school gate, exposed to the scorching sun for a protracted period of time.

The guardian, who claimed that her cousin was sent home, also said she was informed that some students who wore uniform were turned back from the school’s Jersey Day. When asked if that is so, the vice principal replied: “That’s not true.”

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