Exclusive | Ochi Cousins Killed A Year Apart – Another Relative Reports Death Threat

Exclusive | Ochi Cousins Killed A Year Apart – Another Relative Reports Death Threat

July 11, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

Anthony James who was killed last week Monday (LEFT) and Andy Reid who was killed last year

Shell shocked members of a family are appealing for detectives in St. Ann to intensify their probe into what they consider to be targeted attacks that have left two cousins dead a year apart and another relative getting death threats.

The slain cousins, who grew up together at Buckfield in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, are 25-year-old lifeguard Anthony James and 26-year-old Andy Reid who is better known as ‘Fry Eye’.

Police reported that, in relation to James, gunmen on foot shot him about 8:30PM last week Monday (June 28) while he was among a group of men playing a game of dominoes in his community. The other men were not harmed.

The other cousin, Reid, was gunned down in Ocho Rios town in May last year. Police said Reid was standing at the entrance to a cook shop when he was shot dead. The cook shop operator, Ivan Williams, who is believed to be in his early sixties, also died in the attack.

Reid’s mother, Michelle Grant, told The Beacon that she has been receiving death threats although she does not live in Jamaica.

“Dem send threat seh dem a goh gun mi down wen mi come a Jamaica,” she said. “Mi nuh duh anybody anything. Dem gun down mi son and a plan fi kill mi. Dem a kill off mi family dem jus like that.”

Grant noted that she was still mourning the death of her son when she was hit by the news regarding her cousin, James. She recalled speaking with James days before he too was cut down.

“I am so depressed; I am so stressed out,” she declared. “Mi heart a give way; Mi can’t tek it anymore; mi can’t deal with it.”

Grant expressed dissatisfaction with the level of police investigation especially in relation to her son, who was killed a year ago.

“Look how close the police station is [to the crime scenes]!” she commented. “Mi need justice fi mi cousin, and mi need justice for my son… When I say the police are not doing any work, dem not doing any work. They get information [about] who gun down mi son, but that person still walking up and down.”

In the meantime, a female cousin of the slain men told The Beacon that she is not aware of them being involved in criminality.

“If they were involved in any wrongdoing, it is not what we know of,” she commented. “James especially was such a peaceful and quiet person. He was always happy; he and everybody get along.”

The cousin further stated that James became a father only last month.

“To know that his child will not know him is really rough,” she said. “My uncle also lost his best son (James) who took care of him.”

The cousin added that the family is struggling to fathom the motive for the gun attacks. “We don’t know where this is coming from… Right now, the family is broken. We are broken in every way… There is no word to explain the way we feel right now about this,” she added.

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