Exclusive | Killer Leaves On Bike After Shooting Bar Operator Twice In The Head

Exclusive | Killer Leaves On Bike After Shooting Bar Operator Twice In The Head

February 13, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon
Sheivonne Golden, also known as Karlene

Bar operator Sheivonne Golden, also called Karlene, was shot twice in the head by a young man, who limped to a waiting motorcycle after committing the murder in full view of other civilians, highly placed sources said.

The 52-year-old businesswoman was cut down at nightfall on Friday (February 11) in front a bar, which forms part of the premises she rented at Time and Patience district in Linstead, St Catherine. She also lived at the location.

Reports are that the trigger-man and the motorcycle driver visited the bar earlier in the day. At that time, the late Golden was at another location, but her bartender was on duty. The men eventually left.

Golden somehow got information that the “strange” men had visited her business establishment. It is said that the Linstead police were informed, but they did not show up.

Thinking that she would have been safe in the community where she was widely respected, Golden eventually went to the bar and sat at the front while consuming a cup of soup she had just purchased.

To her surprise, the “strange” men returned to the bar on the motorcycle.

One of them walked past Golden and entered the establishment to purchase an item. On his way out, he deliberately made physical contact with Golden, who reportedly asked why the stranger was “brushing” against her.

That’s when the man allegedly pulled a gun and shot Golden twice in the head before walking away to a waiting motorcycle.

It is not yet clear why Golden, who travelled abroad on different occasions, was gunned down.

According to sources, the victim was given notice late last year to leave the house and bar she rented. It is said that she had objected plans to have a container business placed at the location where she was operating the bar. Based on the purported notice, Golden should have left the premises at the end of January. She didn’t.

There is also speculation about whether her death is linked to her party-related business. She also was involved in two round robins. However, persons close to the family told The Beacon that Golden was not known to be indebted to anyone.

Golden was on the verge of completing her four-bedroom house. A few hours before she was gunned down, she reportedly purchased additional material for the building.

From all indication, the mother of four had no clue she was marked for death.

A day before she was killed, gunmen went into her community and shot one of her close friends in what is believed to be a case of mistaken identity. It now appears Golden was the target. Both Golden and her wounded friend operated bars in the community. “The two a dem short, brown and look alike,” one area resident said.

Golden actually visited her wounded friend at hospital after the gunmen first struck in the community.

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