The three schools from Linstead in St. Catherine drew in their daCosta Cup matches yesterday, resulting in two of them – Charlemont High and McGrath High – ending up outside the two crucial top spots in Zone H.

Dinthill Technical High School leads the zone on four points, despite drawing nil-all with Ocho Rios High at Drax Hall, St. Ann.

York Castle High from St. Ann moved up to second position, becoming the second team to score a win in the zone. It eclipsed St. Mary High 3-2 at Drax Hall. In its previous match, York Castle lost to Dinthill.

Charlemont is in third position in the zone based on goal difference. It, so far, drew both of its matches. McGrath High School, in fourth position, also drew its two matches. The two schools played to a 2-2 finish against each other yesterday at Dinthill Technical High.

The other teams in the zone are Ocho Rios, St. Mary High, and Brown’s Town.

Brown’s Town, as well as St. Mary High, played only one match so far, unlike the other Zone H teams that played two.

The next clashes in the zone will be on Saturday, November 20. At that time, Dinthill and McGrath will square off at Dinthill, Charlemont will take on Brown’s Town at Drax Hall, and St. Mary High will tackle Ocho Rios also at Drax Hall.

At the end of this first round, the two top teams from the zone will advance.

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