Exclusive | Linstead mother convinced she knows her son’s killer

April 8, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

The slain Niven Morris, better known as ‘Miguel’

Florence English, otherwise called ‘Miss Cherry’, is appealing for the St. Catherine North Police to intensify their probe into the murder of her son nearly two years ago at Banbury district in Linstead, St. Catherine.

The son, Niven Morris, better known as ‘Miguel’, was shot dead outside his home shortly before 10PM on April 25, 2019.

The mother explained that she was at home when her son arrived there in a truck, which he earlier drove to deliver Hi-Pro feeds.

She said, while her son was parking the truck, she saw the silhouette of a male person waiting in the dark.

She recalled that, out of curiosity to ascertain the identity of the person in the dark, she called the name of the side-man with whom her son usually travelled. But she got no answer.

“I made the fourth call and then the person [waiting in the dark] started walking towards the truck. Thinking it was the side-man, I stood up listening to hear the voice that speak to mi son. But I only heard gunshots – two shots, and mi son died around the steering,” the mother added.

She is convinced that her son’s death was ordered by a known person, who was not pleased that her son was still communicating with his estranged wife.

Her son and his wife fell in love while they were both attending Enid Bennett High School in Bog Walk, St. Catherine.

They tied the knot in 2015, but that marriage lasted only for a few months.

The wife eventually left the matrimonial home to live with someone else.

“Because she and my son had a child together, they had to communicate [despite being separated],” the slain man’s mother said.

She further alleged that, on the day her son was slain, the purported suspect used someone else’s phone to send a strange message to her son.

According to her, the text message sent to her son reads: “What time are you coming from work? I have a surprise for you.”

The mother surmises that the ‘surprise’ mentioned in the message effectively means murder.

She said police took possession of the phone from which the message was sent.

They also questioned the suspect in the presence of his lawyer and released him without charge, the victim’s mother added.

She stated that the police, in late December 2020, told her that they were unable to lay charges against the suspect because they don’t have enough evidence. Investigations, however, are ongoing.

“The police said, since I am the only eyewitness and I cannot identify a person, it is only the [aforementioned] phone they would have to work with to pull back the messages and see what really transpired,” the mother explained.

“I wish the police could investigate enough to bring this guy (the suspect) to the knowledge that he hired the killer to kill my son.”

The mother further said she already told the suspect that she thinks he is the one that ordered the hit. But, according to her, the suspect denied any involvement.

That denial has not changed the mother’s perspective. “I am not scared if him hire somebody to kill me, because him haffi kill mi for the truth. I am not going to my grave with this knowledge that him send man to kill my son, and my son did not do him any wrong.”

The mother added that her son, whose remains were cremated, was not a wrongdoer.

“Miguel a nuh murderer for anybody to contract any killer to kill him,” she said. “May Miguel blood rest upon the head of the person who hire and who kill him, because Miguel nuh deserve that death.”

The mother said her late son, who once traveled to the United States on the government’s farm work programme, was hard-working and multi-talented. She said he competently operated as a truck driver, electrician, mason, plumber and phone technician.

The mother added that she mourns her son’s death daily – not only on the anniversary of the incident. “Every day I wake up and cry over my son’s death,” she told The Beacon.

She added that, if she had an opportunity to speak directly with the man who pulled the trigger, she would tell him: “You made a mistake; you made a sorry mistake, because Miguel did not do you any wrong. When you look back into yourself, you will see that you did Miguel a great wrong in snuffing his life out.”

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