Exclusive | Bog Walk parents speak highly of son killed by truck in Lluidas Vale

Exclusive | Bog Walk parents speak highly of son killed by truck in Lluidas Vale

February 15, 2021 1 By Horace Mills

James ‘Goofy’ Worrell

A family in the Content area of Bog Walk, St. Catherine, is grieving the tragic death of a loved-one, James Worrell Jr., better known as ‘Goofy’.

Reports are that a truck ran over Worrell’s head at Mountain Hill in Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine, shortly after 6PM on February 8, which is four days before his 37th birthday.

At that time, Worrell was travelling from Union district in Lluidas Vale, where he was living with relatives for a few years. He was heading to his native community of Content, Bog Walk.

But the taxi in which he was travelling stopped, because the roadway was blocked by a truck that overturned while transporting sugarcane to Worthy Park Estate in Lluidas Vale.

When the roadway eventually was cleared and stranded people started to rush from the area, Worrell ended up being killed.

It is not clear how he ended up lying on the roadway, but a truck apparently ran over his head.

The Beacon understands that the truck driver, who is also from Bog Walk, did not immediately realize that his vehicle was involved in the tragedy. He was informed minutes after leaving the location.

Both of the victim’s parents, in an interview with The Beacon, expressed disappointment that, according to them, the truck driver or owner is yet to contact the bereaved family.

“Mi nuh really did a goh pressure him,” said the victim’s mother, Gloria Worrell. “Mi would tell him help mi bury ‘Goofy’. That’s the only thing mi would seh, because him dead already.”

The mother further stated that the late Worrell was her favourite of four sons, and the last of her five children.

She added that he was kind-hearted and well loved in Bog Walk.

“He was my favourite son; him take care of me. He would not like to know that I am in need of anything. He is missed by everybody, because he was so loving. He was a people person,” she told The Beacon.

The mother said Worrell was travelling to her house to say goodbye to one of his brothers, who was leaving the island on the same day tragedy struck.

She said Worrell’s family took good care of him, and catered to his appetite for clothes.

The mother also brushed aside claims that her son perhaps was intoxicated when he died. “Mi nuh hear about nuh drinking. One man seh is one Guinness him buy give my son,” she added.

In the meantime, James Worrell Snr., father of the deceased, described his late son as loving. “He was a good boy; he was a loving boy to me,” he further said.

The father stated that, when he last saw his son alive, he told him to return home to live in Bog Walk. “Mi and mi wife alone live and him gone out [to live in Lluidas Vale]. He is not a bad boy, but him live in [Lluidas] Vale over six or seven years now…” he told The Beacon.

The father, like his wife, lamented that the driver of the truck implicated in the incident is yet to contact the family.

“Mi feel bad, and the man who lick down my son should come out,” the father said. “We would not have to press any charges or what, but he should come help bury my son, who gone already leave us broken down.”

One of the victim’s nieces, Seddian Richards, joined in speaking glowingly of her uncle.

“Anything we want, he tried to give it to us,” she said. “If he goes to the bush, he would bring back things for us to eat and so on.”

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