While declaring his objection to homosexuality and gay marriage, Councillor for the Croft’s Hill Division in Clarendon, Anthony O’Connor, said he would demonstrate and ‘fling stone’ if any move is made towards legalizing gay marriage in Jamaica.

The politician, who was speaking at the divisional conference in Croft’s Hill last evening (July 28), indicated that homoscuality runs contrary to his religious principles.

O’Connor told the cheering People’s National Party audience: “We say no to gays because all of these things nuh right inna Jah Jah sight, comrades. So, comrades, I will demonstrate if dem want pass nuh law fi man married man inna Jamaica. Noweh dat cyaan tek place inna Croft’s Hill Division, comrades. Mi one wi fling stone; mi one wi cut down tree, comrades, but nuh man naah married nuh man inna Croft’s Hill.”

LISTEN: Councillor Anthony O’Connor talks about gay marriage at his divisional conference in Croft’s Hill, Clarendon, on 28 July 2019.

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By Mills