PNP deputy chair, Horace Dalley, happy for presidential clash

PNP deputy chair, Horace Dalley, happy for presidential clash

July 29, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Peter Bunting was a no-show at the Croft’s Hill Divisional Conference in Clarendon last evening, July 28, but his bid to unseat the current president of the People’s National Party (PNP) attracted a fundamental public declaration at the event.

Deputy Chairman of the PNP, Horace Dalley, in whose constituency the political meeting was held, declared that he is ‘happy’ with the presidential challenge, adding that it has given the political organization new energy. He stated that, based on the party’s constitution, nothing is wrong with the move.

Dalley, however, did not outrightly declare whether he is supporting Bunting or Dr Peter Phillips.

He told PNP supporters: “I don’t feel any way about the challenge from comrade Bunting of comrade leader Peter Phillips. One thing I can tell you is that the challenge has energized the PNP. Everywhere yuh turn, yuh hear people a talk bout PNP… I am happy for the challenge.

“Anybody can be challenged… Nothing is wrong with the challenge, and I don’t want any comrade to feel that anybody breaking the constitution because they challenge,” Dalley further said.

He noted that, after the September 7 internal election, the PNP must stand united around one leader to get rid of what he described as the corrupt Jamaica Labour Party government.

“When the challenge is over, whoever wins, it is the People’s National Party that must stand firm. After September 7th, whoever wins the election, it is one People’s National Party,” the Deputy Chairman further said.

PNP Deputy Chairman Horace Dalley speaking at the divisional conference last evening

A number of PNP supporters at the conference, in the meantime, expressed disappointment that Bunting, along with the top members of his campaign team, did not show up. Bunting was scheduled to be the main speaker.

He however spent last evening at the annual constituency conference hosted in St Andrew South, represented in parliament by Mark Golding, Chairman of Bunting’s ‘Rise United’ campaign.

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