LLUIDAS VALE: Woman who survives bullets speaks out at funeral of slain lover

LLUIDAS VALE: Woman who survives bullets speaks out at funeral of slain lover

July 21, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Murder victim Christopher Frazer, better known as Bangs, was buried in his rural community of Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine, amid weeping and warnings that his killers will not go unpunished.

The people who sounded the warning included the deceased man’s common-law-wife, Jodi-Ann Campbell, who was also shot during the April 9 attack at her home in the Caymanas Estate area of Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

“One thing mi a tell dem bwoi deh, mi lef everything inna God hand, and remember dem a goh fade away… My prayer naah goh in vain and my gunshot dem weh mi get naah goh in vain,” she said, while delivering a tribute inside the Triumphant House of Praise in Lluidas Vale on a wet Saturday afternoon, July 18.

The killers escaped on the night of the shooting, but, according to the common-law-wife, two of them are now behind bars, one is dead, and others are yet to be apprehended.

She told the congregation that she loved the late Frazer dearly – and vice versa.

“I will always love yuh, and everybody love yuh, and nobody have bad things fi seh. That’s why dem a goh fade away,” she declared after delivering a tearful rendition of the ‘Missing You’ hit song done partly by Brandy.

She, reflecting on her lover, also said: “Wi fight, wi cuss, wi have disagreement. Yuh come a yuh yawd [in Lluidas Vale]; yuh seh yuh naah come back [to Caymanas Estate]. By the other day, a my yawd yuh reach. If yuh nuh come, mi reach a [Lluidas] Vale.”

The common-law-wife indicated that she and Frazer were left defenseless on the night of the ordeal because the gunmen attacked them ‘from sideways’.

Her mother, Delferine Campbell, who also delivered a tribute, recounted the shooting and how she narrowly escaped.

She explained that gunshots rang out moments after she left a table around which she was sitting – along with her daughter and her late son-in-law. They were eating.

“Mi si Bangs drop and dem start to shoot Jody; mi run and mi seh ‘Murder! Murder! Dem kill Bangs an Jody’,” the mother-in-law added, while questioning why her relatives were attacked. “All now I can’t get a good argument. Wah mek?” she posited.

She stated that there is no truth to claims that her son-in-law was a gunman.

“Dem seh yuh a gunman; mi never si yuh wid nuh gun… From the 9th of April till now my heart is broken, but I leave everything in the hands of God. Nothing beat God; nothing beat prayer; nothing beat eye-water,” the mother-in-law said while describing Frazer as hard-working.

Meanwhile, Lisa DeSousa, who presented the eulogy, said her late cousin is a native of Clarendon, where he attended Racecourse Seventh Day Adventist Basic School.

He later moved to Lluidas Vale district, where he enrolled at Lluidas Vale Primary School and subsequently Croft’s Hill Junior High School.

After secondary school, Frazer worked at Worthy Park Sugar Estate doing building construction.

He eventually started his own construction business and relocated to Caymanas Estate, where he lived with his common-law-wife and her family.

DeSousa, in the eulogy, said: “Frazer was a loving and caring spouse to his partner in every way possible. Most of all, he was a loving father to his [two] children… He pursued every avenue to ensure that his family was financially stable.”

Frazer was interred at Lluidas Vale Cemetery amid weeping mainly by his relatives, including his mother Janet Russel. Frazer, 32, was the last of four children for his mom.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Horace Mills holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communications from CARIMAC, University of the West Indies. He is a recipient of the prestigious Fairplay Award, and the Prime Minister’s National Youth Award for Excellence in Journalism. He worked as Senior Journalist at North Coast Times, News Presenter and Journalist at IRIE FM, and Editor at BVI News – the leading news organization in the British Virgin Islands. During his teenage years, Mils was a Teen Herald writer, and Editor of The Eagle – an annual publication at Charlemont High School, where he served as Head Boy. Journalism is his calling.

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