St Mary Head Girl Aces PEP, Heading To Immaculate

St Mary Head Girl Aces PEP, Heading To Immaculate

July 15, 2022 0 By Shanique Brown

Chelsie Johnson who recently completed the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) is celebrating her performance, which has turned heads.

She attained the highest rank of success (Highly Proficient) in Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.

She also got a whopping 98 percent in the Ability Test.

With an overall placement score of 383.6, Chelsie has been awarded a place at Immaculate Conception in Kingston.

That was her first choice of secondary institution.

The 12-year-old optimist and Head Girl of Free Hill Primary and Infant School in St. Mary told The Beacon: “I am happy and excited because I did well and I am pleased with my score.”

Her performance has made her the top PEP student at Free Hill Primary.

Chelsie, who resides at Oxford district in St. Mary, has her sights set on becoming a lawyer and entrepreneur.

Asked what has been her biggest challenge so far, she replied: “People saying you will never make it and you want to give up on yourself, but you didn’t.”

Chelsie advised other students: “Keep up the good work and focus on the duties at hand.”

The teacher who prepared her for PEP, Rayon Grandison, is relieved to see her living up to expectations.

“Chelsie is an ardent worker; she stuck to the tasks at hand and managed well,” he told The Beacon. “Whilst I know her capabilities, nerves can get the better of anyone in an examination. Hence after knowing the results it gave me a sense of relief. I am elated for her.”

Chelsie’s parents, Denar Johnson and Christal Thompson, also have good reasons to be ecstatic.

“I am proud of my child; she did very well and I will help her to focus on the challenges at hand,” her mother commented. “She is well-behaved and always with her books and reading. She is very motivated. If she gets a test and fails, she works harder. She always likes to be in first place; she doesn’t like to be down.”

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