Linstead Head Girl Brings Joy To Mom Who Dropped Out Of School

Linstead Head Girl Brings Joy To Mom Who Dropped Out Of School

July 17, 2022 0 By Horace Mills

Toni-Ann Facey of York Street Primary School in Linstead

With each passing day, Moya Blake becomes prouder of the child she gave birth to when she dropped out of high school in grade nine due to teenage pregnancy.

Her daughter, Toni-Ann Facey, now 12 years old, has been carving out a reputation in the areas of leadership and academics.

At York Street Primary School in Linstead, St Catherine, the child has earned the alias “Miss Pin Up”. That’s because, up to when she graduated recently, her uniform was usually adorned with seven badges bearing the names of positions she held at the institution and some of the successes she earned there.

Toni-Ann was the school’s Head Girl.

She was also an honour-roll student.

Her propensity for academics is reflected in the stellar performance she recorded in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), which is completed in the final year of primary school.

Toni-Ann earned a place in the top category of performances (Highly Proficient) in three of the four curriculum-based subjects. Those are Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. In the other subject, Language Arts, she was adjudged Proficient (the second highest category). There are four categories overall.

In relation to the Ability Test, Toni-Ann scored 99 percent.

“I feel very proud of myself because I know what I have been through to prepare for my PEP exams,” she told The Beacon.

Although she was not placed at her first choice of secondary school (Immaculate Conception), Toni-Ann is not daunted by the fact that she has earned a spot at Ardenne High. Both of those Kingston-based schools have a strong record of high academic performance.

Toni-Ann’s Placement Score is 371.

The purpose-driven Toni-Ann, whose goal is to become an entrepreneur, stated that, in order to become the top PEP performer at her school, she studied hard and remained focused and motivated.

She advised other students: “Stay focused, study hard, do your best at everything you can, and remember only your best is good enough.”

Her mother, as well as her father Kevin Facey, is ecstatic about her achievement.

“I feel exceptionally good knowing that I had her [when I dropped] out of school and now she’s making me proud like I didn’t miss out of anything,” said the mother. She told The Beacon that she has delayed returning to school in order to work and ensure that her child gets maximum support.

In the meantime, Cheveneze Barnett, who prepared Toni-Ann for PEP at York Street Primary, said the child’s success in PEP is no surprise.

“I am not surprised with how she performed in PEP. That is because he was always a brilliant child. I taught her four different times and so I would have seen the potential and what she can do,” Barnett said. “She has been a very co-operative child; she is a very very good reader and she has very good reasoning ability. She is an all-rounder and one of my best students.”

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