HOME OF EXCELLENCE – Two Head Prefects Among 3 Graduates In Single-Parent Household

HOME OF EXCELLENCE – Two Head Prefects Among 3 Graduates In Single-Parent Household

July 7, 2023 0 By Horace Mills and Torian Clarke

There can never be too much achievement within one household, and that’s among the reasons single parent Ruchelle Plummer is beaming with pride this graduation season.

Two of her children – Senovia Harrison and Kishmale Samuels, as well as her grand-daughter Carriceann Robinson, are all graduating this season.

Kishmale Samuels

Kishmale, who serves as Head Boy at Munro College and Junior Mayor in the St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation, is graduating from sixth form today. He already has a total of eight CSEC and four CAPE subjects obtained from the Caribbean Examination Council, and he is awaiting his final set of results.

His 12-year-old sister, Senovia Harrison, who is Head Girl at Mountainside Primary and Junior Councillor for Mountainside Division in St Elizabeth, just completed the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) and is heading to Hampton School.

Senovia is heading into that prestigious school along with her 13-year-old maternal niece and batch-mate at Mountainside Primary, Carreciann, whose mom resides overseas.

Though Carreciann and Senovia are niece and aunt, they live like sisters and are always involved in a variety of activities together.

However, they never imagined that the Ministry of Education would have given both of them their heart’s desire – placement at Hampton, which also was their first choice.


In PEP, which is used to place students in high schools, each student is assessed in four subjects – Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. They also do an Ability Test.

Based on her results in those areas, Senovia attained a Placement Score of 320 out of a maximum 360, which is 88.8 percent overall.

In the four subject areas, she was deemed Proficient (the second highest achievement level of the four available).

She laughed as she reflected on her moments of doubt while preparing for PEP.

“To be truthful, I doubted myself. I was extremely surprised and proud [after I received the results]…” Senovia told The Beacon.

She added that she always wanted to attend Hampton School. “I always heard that many people that are big shots went to Hampton. I know two nurses and a doctor who were Hamptonians, and so I felt that if I gave this my all then one day I’ll become one of those persons.”

Senovia Harrison

Having served as Head Girl at Mountainside Primary, Senovia intends to also occupy that post at Hampton while maintaining excellence in academics. Another of her dreams is to follow in her brother’s footsteps and become a Junior Mayor instead of just being a Junior Councillor.

“I want to become a lawyer in the future; just expect big things from me,” Senovia further told The Beacon. “I am so excited to be going to Hampton with Carreciann.”

Senovia also encouraged other students to have faith in their ability to achieve greatness and to never be hesitant to ask for help. “Whatever I did not understand [regarding PEP], I asked my teachers or my older brother,” she noted.

In the meantime, her niece, Carriceann, received a PEP Placement Score of 316.6, which is equivalent to 87.9 percent overall.

She performed at the highest level (Highly Proficient) in two of the subjects – Language Arts and Social Studies.

When asked how she felt about her results, Carriceann, an aspiring robotic engineer, replied: “I feel good, but I thought that I could have done better in the performance part.”

She recalled remaining focused despite being involved in track and field and the Math Club.

“I focused; I did extra classes; I even set a study plan to organize my lessons for specific days of the week,” Carriceann further disclosed.

While promising to continue doing her best, she also made it known that she is overjoyed about attending Hampton with her aunt.


Though he is just leaving sixth form, Kishmale stated that he sometimes steps in at home and becomes a father figure of sorts. Doing so, he provides an amount of relief for his single mom.

He is happy to be an inspiration to his little sister and niece.

“I feel proud of them.. I always let them know that their success is in their hands,” Kishmale said.

His mother, Plummer, told The Beacon that she made sure that the children in her household knew from a young age that “education is the way out of poverty”. She does not want them to face the hardship she endured.

“I hope they get scholarships,” she added. “My older daughter (Carriceann’s mom) helps me as I’m a single mother. I want them to fulfill every one of their dreams.”

Her daughter and granddaughter’s performance in PEP, Plummer further said, has left her at a loss for words. “I don’t have the words to say how I feel; I cried tears of joy; I was so happy… The teachers have done a wonderful job with my girls… I want to thank the entire Mountainside Primary.”

Among the teachers that Plummer singled out for commendation is Phylicia Ebanks, who could not contain her happiness.

She remembered the dedication that was poured into Senovia and Carrecian.

“It was a team effort from myself and Mrs Symonthia Shakespear. I was on vacation, but, during that time, I gave thought to my students and started an online class. When Senovia told me she was struggling with Math, I left everything at home and had Saturday classes with her,” Ebanks said.

She further stated that Senovia eventually “moved from 70 straight up to 93 percent” in end-of-term Mathematics exams.

Carriceann Robinson

In relation to Carrecian, Ebanks recalled her being among the more reserved students. Nonetheless, she was able to help identify her weaknesses and guide her.

“They studied hard. I cried when I got the PEP results. I am happy because they are happy,” Ebanks said. “I actually asked them how they would feel if they ended up in the same high school. I really wanted that because they are better together.”

The teacher’s wish has been granted indirectly. Senovia and Carrecian will again be in one school together.

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