Beacon of the day | Student makes mother proud with 9 CXC – She was schooled in Hanover and Manchester

Beacon of the day | Student makes mother proud with 9 CXC – She was schooled in Hanover and Manchester

October 7, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

A single parent, Ingrid Walker, is brimming with pride that her 16-year-old daughter is living up to her expectations.

She told The Beacon: “Giving my children a proper education is my investment for them as that is the only way out of poverty.

“Being a single parent doesn’t mean I feel sorry for myself. I would lie to say I don’t get overwhelmed at times, but I still persevere knowing I am ending a cycle of struggle,” the mother further posited.

Her daughter, Kalifa Facey, recently dealt a serious blow to poverty when she obtained nine CSEC subjects from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).

In all of the subjects, the young achiever received the best grade – Grade One.

Here are the subjects:

  • Biology – Grade One
  • Caribbean History – Grade One
  • English A – Grade One
  • French – Grade One
  • English B – Grade One
  • Information Technology – Grade One
  • Mathematics – Grade One
  • Spanish – Grade one
  • Theatre Arts – Grade One

Kalifa, a native of Claremont district in Hanover who now lives at Buena Vista in Manchester, said she feels ‘satisfied’ with her academic performance.

She intends to enroll in the sixth form programme at her alma mater – DeCarteret College in Manchester.

While Kalifa was enrolled previously at the said school, she was involved in a myriad of community outreach programmes and extra-curricular activities.

She represented DeCarteret in the annual National Spanish Festival Competition where she, along with two other students, received a gold medal for poetry and bronze in the ‘song’ category. She also participated in the annual Secondary Schools Burger King Debate Competition, and in contests hosted by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission.

Kalifa, who is a past student of Claremont All Age School in Hanover, intends to pursue a career in the field of modern languages and linguistics.

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