Beacon of the day | No Regret – Pump Attendant Helps Stranger In Linstead

Beacon of the day | No Regret – Pump Attendant Helps Stranger In Linstead

July 2, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

A pump attendant, Jodian Morgan-Harrison, has received a vindication of sorts after making a big decision to help a total stranger, who ran out of cash and needed petrol to reach home.

She took the risk about 7PM on Tuesday, June 22, while on duty at Kings Landing Service Station on the Linstead Bypass, St. Catherine.

“I am a person who is customer friendly and interactive, and assisting customers is what I enjoy doing,” Jodian told The Beacon.

She explained that, while she was at work, the motorist, who turned out to be Sasha-leee Lounds, drove up to purchase petrol.

But the company’s debit card machine had started to malfunction and, according to Lounds, she only had $150 in cash, which could not cover the cost of the gasoline.

The pump attendant said she was surprised when the motorist asked her to purchase the petrol for her.

“She told me that she had lost a family member, and she didn’t have any money (cash), and she run out of gas and needed to get home,” Jodian recalled.

She continued: “The woman said to me, ‘Can you pay for the gas for me and put $3,000 in the tank?’ I told her I only have $1,500 to pay my fare to travel to work the following week.”

The pump attendant said the stranger managed to convince her that, if she received the loan, she would return to make the repayment.

“I looked up at her and smiled, and told her again the money I have is my fare. She said, ‘You can trust me’. Deep down within me, my spirit was telling me to say ‘yes’, to assist her. But through it all, I learned to trust and believe in God. I told her that I would give her the gas although it is not something we are supposed to do; we were trained not to do it.”

The pump attendant went for her money and paid for the petrol.

The stranger, seeing that the gasoline was inside the tank, remained at the pump, thinking that Jodian would have written down her name and licence plate number. “I told her I am not doing that; my spirit told me to give it to her because she would come back [to repay],” the pump attendant said.

The motorist drove away after agreeing with Jodian that she would return to pay up on Saturday, June 26.

Jodian stated that, after the motorist left, she told a co-worker about what she just experienced. The co-worker questioned her decision, considering that the motorist was a stranger.

Jodian was pleasantly surprised on the Saturday, when the motorist showed up – just as she had promised.

“I didn’t know that she had a surprise up in her sleeve,” Jodian said.

In addition to repaying the $1,500, the motorist surprised Jodian with an extra $17,500.

“I didn’t have a phone, but God provided [funds] that I could use to buy one,” said Jodian, who added that her phone was damaged recently and she was contemplating a replacement.

Jodian noted that, although she is not naive to think everyone would be honest enough to repay, she is elated that Lounds actually did.

“I am not telling everyone to do what I did, because not everyone has the heart of coming back. Some persons will come and take advantage of the situation,” the pump attendant reasoned. “But you can trust God; let him be the one to tell you who is the right person. Even when I was hesitant about helping the lady, my spirit was telling me to trust her.”

The motorist, in the meantime, videotaped the moment when she returned to the gas station to pay up… and to say thank you. She later posted the video on her social media pages. To watch it, CLICK HERE.

Jodian, who previously worked as a cashier and a travel agent, has been employed since October last year to the recently opened Kings Landing Service Station, owned by attorney-at-law Sean Kinghorn.

“We feel very comfortable working with Mr. Kinghorn because he is a boss who is jovial, and he let his workers feel comfortable. When I am comfortable, I make my customers feel comfortable too,” commented Jodian, a married mother of two.

She is an alumna of Rosemount Primary and Junior High School, as well as Ewarton High.

Jodian, who has been a Christian since August 2012, worships at Calvary Holiness Pentecostal Church at Princessfield in the Linstead area.

She stated that, while growing up, she always admired especially her late father, Patrick Morgan, for his acts of kindness.

“My dad would give his last and do without,” said Jodian, who is proud to be emulating her dad.

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