Beacon of the day | Linstead volunteer attains 9 CXC – all Grade Ones, despite long distance from single-parent home to Kingston College

Beacon of the day | Linstead volunteer attains 9 CXC – all Grade Ones, despite long distance from single-parent home to Kingston College

October 3, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

A young scholar from Linstead in St. Catherine who is steeped in community service has attained nine CSEC subjects – all with Grade One, which is the highest available grade.

The subjects are administered by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).

Demarce Williams, a past student of Time and Patience Primary School in Linstead, attained the subjects at Kingston College.

Here are the results he attained this year:

  • Additional Mathematics – Grade One (all ‘A’ profiles)
  • Biology – Grade One (all ‘A’ profiles)
  • Chemistry – Grade One
  • English A – Grade One (all ‘A’ profiles)
  • Information Technology – Grade One (all ‘A’ profiles)
  • Physics – Grade One (all ‘A’ profiles)
  • Principles of Accounts – Grade One
  • Spanish – Grade One (all ‘A’ profiles)

Demarce also did Mathematics last year and got a Grade One – all ‘A’ profiles.

“I am truly proud of and grateful for my results,” he told The Beacon, adding that he, along with his teachers, put in a lot of hard work.

Demarce also spoke glowingly of his mother, Novelette Fletcher, and her contribution as a single-parent. “She constantly supports me through the ups and downs,” he said.

Regarding the exams, the 17-year-old expressed disappointment that they were adjusted suddenly due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). “But I managed to readjust and succeed in my exams,” he noted.

Another challenge was for Demarce to travel the relatively long distance on weekdays between his home on Gillette Street in Linstead and his school in Kingston.

Demarce said he woke up at 3 o’clock each morning to catch a bus that runs directly to Downtown Kingston.

“Some days it’s easy, while other days it’s very hard due to the crowd at the Downtown bus park and the unforeseen events that happen along the Linstead to Spanish Town route from time to time,” the youngster explained.

“Some bus drivers also don’t want to carry school children after certain hours. I experience this as sometimes I have to remain at school for classes and to complete SBAs or attend Club meetings and so on.”

Demarce, a prospective actuary and engineer who will attend Sixth Form at Kingston College, also finds time to remain active in his community.

He has been volunteering with the Linstead Community Development Committee (Linstead CDC) for almost six years.

Demarce serves the youth arm of the organization as First Vice President and as a summer class teacher. He previously served as Events Coordinator and Secretary.

The young scholar underscored the importance of community service.

“I believe in altruism and helping others in whatever way possible despite the circumstances. I think it is very important as it teaches us the importance of giving, which is key in developing a brighter future,” he posited.

Demarce’s contribution has not gone unnoticed by President of the Linstead CDC, Devon Smith.

“We are very proud of Demarce and the many contributions he has given to the CDC – especially the youth arm in the area of education and youth development,” Smith told The Beacon.

He added: “We know Demarce will continue to do well and, as a result of that, the organization is willing to continue in assisting the progress.”

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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