Beacon of the day | Aspiring lawyer from inner-city single-parent family attains nine CXC

Beacon of the day | Aspiring lawyer from inner-city single-parent family attains nine CXC

September 30, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Tafada Wright, from a single-parent household in the tough community of March Pen Road in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, has flipped the scrip regarding the news that usually emerge from her neighbourhood.

She attained nine CSEC subjects, offered by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).

The student athlete and aspiring lawyer, who attended Friendship Primary School and St. Jago High, got perfect grades in the following subjects:

  • English A – Grade One
  • English B – Grade One
  • Human and Social Biology – Grade One
  • Mathematics – Grade One
  • Social Studies – Grade One
  • Physical Education and Sports – Grade One

Wright also got the second highest grade (Grade Two) in Spanish, Geography and Caribbean History.

”I am super elated and I know that, if I could do it, anyone could,” she told The Beacon.

“I would stay up at nights and do multiple past papers and binge-watch YouTube videos on topics I was struggling with.”

Wright, the holder of multiple medals in shotput and discuss, had to strike the correct balance between sports and academics.

She explained: “During my final year of high school, I was super stressed, having to train three to four hours after school. I would be completely tired when I make it home. Also, with track meets every Saturday and church every Sunday, I was living a busy life. Through all of this, I had a goal in mind. I aspire to be a lawyer, and getting my subjects is the first step to me achieving this goal.”

Wright noted that her academic performance runs contrary to the perception that athletes don’t perform well academically.

Wright emphasized the importance of the support she received from her mother Sidonie Williams and her mother’s family.

“I come from an extended family – one that believes in the miracle of God. My relatives are without doubt my biggest supporters. They stand behind me in everything I do and give great advice,” the young scholar said.

“There are numerous times I would completely break down from stress with school and sports, but my mother was always there reminding me of what’s next to come and how much better things are going to get.”

Wright is hoping that her achievement will inspire other people, especially young athletes and residents of inner-city communities.

“You reap what you sow,” she emphasized.

“Don’t let what people think of you be who you turn into. Be different and stand out. A lot of great accomplished persons started right here in the ‘ghetto’. Be one of them; be even better.”

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