Beacon of the day | Tajae Porter, A Perfect Scorer In PEP

Beacon of the day | Tajae Porter, A Perfect Scorer In PEP

August 17, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

Tajae Porter, whose dream is to become a mechanical engineer, is among perfect scorers in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP).

“I am very excited about my results,” he told The Beacon.

In light of the 11-year-old’s exceptional performance, the education ministry has placed him at his favourite school – Manchester High.

A closer look at his results shows that he attained 100 percent in the Ability Test, and was highly proficient in Language Arts and Mathematics. He also achieved mastery of literacy and numeracy.

Grade Six teacher at Crawford Primary School in the Black River area of St. Elizabeth, Ronald Watson, said Tajae usually demonstrates a positive attitude towards his school work.

“Tajae consistently gets excellent marks on his tests and other graded work. He participates in class regularly… Compared to other students in class, Tajae’s grades have always been at the top. This has lead other students in class to ask him for assistance if they do not understand a lesson,” the educator added.

He also described Tajae as a thinker who has a calm disposition.

“I would love to mention his ability to think out of the box, motivate himself and others, and most of all his kind and low-conflict personality…” Watson further said.

He predicted: “Due to Tajae’s knowledge and great aptitude for learning, he will continue to create history wherever he goes.”

In addition to bringing pride and joy to his school, Tajae also lit up his household with merriment. His parents, Leteshia Porter and Winston Porter, could not have been prouder.

“I am elated by Tajae’s results even though I expected it based on his previous performances,” his mother told The Beacon.

Tajae, in the meantime, stated that his PEP results are among his biggest achievements so far.

He is ecstatic to have achieved 100 percent especially in Language Arts, which was done amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which caused a sudden shift from face-to-face classes to online learning.

“Online school has been my biggest challenge so far,” added Tajae, who served as a prefect and class monitor at Crawford Primary School. He intends to continue rising above challenges.

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