Jamaican lottery scam ‘ringleader’ arrested in US

The United States press is reporting that a 22-year-old Jamaican, Kristoff Cain, has been arrested for lottery scamming.

According to CBS Pitsburgh news, Cain is believed to be the ringleader in a Jamaican lottery scam, which also involved a Pittsburgh woman who was arrested last year.

Cain was charged yesterday with corrupt organizations, theft by deception and other felony crimes, said Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

The accused man was arrested in Florida and sent to Pittsburgh, where he is at Allegheny County Prison awaiting a preliminary hearing set for May 23.

According to the media reports, Cain was identified as a ringleader after 72-year-old Audrey Huff from Pittsburgh was arrested.

Huff allegedly worked as a money mule in the scam, and wired more than $295,000 in funds stolen from elderly Americans to scam artists in Jamaica, reportedly including Cain.

Victims of the scam were made to believe that they were paying taxes in order to receive lottery winnings.

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