The future looks bright for Owayne Alridge who, based on the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) results, topped his batch at Crescent Primary School in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

He will, in September, head to the outstanding St Jago High – his first choice.

“I feel proud of my performance,” said the 12-year-old student, who hails from a community in Spanish Town known as McKoy Land.

During his graduation ceremony, Owayne received awards for being his school’s top student in all four PEP subjects – Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

The Ministry of Education, in the meantime, said Owayne attained the highest rank possible (Highly Proficient) in PEP Social Studies, and the second highest rank (Proficient) in the other three subject areas. Scores are ranked on four levels.

Owayne, who has been on the honour roll at Crescent Primary, told The Beacon that his big dream is to become a business owner.

“I want to make enough money to help my family,” he further said.

His mother, Karen James, spoke highly of his dedication to school work.

“I am very excited about his performance; he works really hard and does a lot of studying,” she said, adding: “He usually performs well academically; he always does his best and most times is given an ‘A’ grade.”

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By Mills