The two top performers in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) at Free Hill Primary and Infant School in St. Mary have been placed at their first choice of secondary school – the much sought-after St. Mary High.

The Head Girl, Rayana Anderson, amassed the highest placement score of the 68 students who graduated recently.

Her placement score of 345.7 is above the national average, and places her among the best PEP performers island-wide.

A breakdown of her feat shows that she gained Mastery in the Grade 4 Literacy and Numeracy components of PEP. In Grade 5, Rayana performed at the highest level (Highly Proficient) in all subject areas except for Language Arts in which she was Proficient. Furthermore, she earned 100 percent in the Ability Test administered in Grade Six.

Rayana, who is working towards becoming a Mathematician, said she toiled hard and did not underestimate her ability, but she was surprised by the relatively high placement score she attained.

Her classmate, Devontae Thompson, also performed commendably in PEP, attaining a 339.5 placement score. He notably gained Mastery in the Literacy and Numeracy assessments.

Devontae, an aspiring meteorologist, is the second best performer in PEP at Free Hill Primary and the school’s top boy this year.

Grade Six teacher at the institution, Rayon Grandison, is overwhelmed with joy about the performance of his students, despite sudden changes to the PEP grading system, caused by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

“Their assiduous work has paid off,” he said in an interview with The Beacon.

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By Mills