Family feud leaves 1 dead, 4 wounded, 1 in custody in Portland

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said a man is in police custody following the shooting of five of his relatives shortly after a party this morning (July 1) in Lower Layton district, Orange Bay, Portland.

A pregnant woman, who died in the attack, has been identified as 24-year-old Kimberley Baugh from Lower Layton in the parish.

The JCF said: “Reports from the Orange Bay police are that, about 3:15am, the now deceased and four other relatives were conducting a cleaning up exercise after a party, when it is alleged that two men armed with guns approached them and open gunfire hitting all five.”

“The police were summoned, and they were taken to hospital where Kimberley who was five months pregnant died, and the other four relatives admitted in stable condition,” added the JCF.

Family feud leaves 1 dead, 4 wounded, 1 in custody in Portland
Kimberly Baugh was murdered in the incident. Photo Credit:

It further stated that the identity of the suspect is being withheld pending further investigations.

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