While stating that police officers have been working under embarrassing conditions at Spanish Town Police Station in St Catherine North Police Division, Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang said Government has acquired property for construction of a brand new divisional headquarters in the old capital.

“We have acquired the land; we are going to build it at the right place. We are going to build a new police divisional headquarters. We will keep some operations with the police station operating now where it is – refurbishing it to make it better,” Dr Chang said on August 9.

He, at the time, was addressing the official opening of Shady Grove Police Station in Lluidas Vale district, which is part of St Catherine North Police Division.

The minister said Spanish Town Police Station was among the first he visited after being appointed, adding that he was minded to have the facility locked down.

“The condition was, quite frankly, embarrassing… Those conditions, I want to assure the police officers, will be behind you,” he promised.

Dr Chang noted that the facility serves one of the largest police divisions, which is also among divisions with the most challenges.

He reasoned that police officers will be able to perform better when they work under good conditions.

“By improving the physical space of the police stations, officers are better able to perform their duties more efficiently, to have more meaningful engagement with the community, and to have a better crime outcome as a result,” Dr Chang said.

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