Damario does it again | Linstead youth earns perfect grades in 5 CAPE subjects

There is no stopping Damario Patterson, who hails from Orangefield district in Linstead, St Catherine.

Last year, he decimated 11 CSEC subjects – attaining the best grade possible (Grade One) in all areas, to be declared the 2018 top student at St Jago High School in St Catherine.

This year, Damario maintained his perfect record, achieving Grade One in the five CAPE subjects he sat.

Those CAPE subjects are:

  • Law (Unit I) – GRADE ONE
  • Communication Studies – GRADE ONE
  • Spanish (Unit I) – GRADE ONE
  • French (Unit I) – GRADE ONE
  • Computer Science (Unit I) – GRADE ONE

Damario, in the upcoming school year, will enter Upper Sixth Form at St Jago High as Deputy Head Boy.

He, in an interview last year, told The Beacon that he intends to become a lawyer, a translator, and an ethical hacker – someone who hacks into a computer network to test its security.

Damario, in the meantime, scored Grade One last year in these 11 CSEC subjects: English A, English B, Spanish, French, Mathematics, Principles of Accounts, Religious Education, Social Studies, Information Technology, Caribbean History, and Chemistry.

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His twin brother, Damary Patterson, who is also studying at St Jago High School, was successful in four CAPE subjects this year. His best performance this time round reflects a Grade One in Computer Science (Unit I).

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