The community of Lluidas Vale in St. Catherine today lost one of its oldest residents, Bernard Ashley.

He turned 103 in February.

He died late this afternoon, July 21, at Linstead Public Hospital – also in St. Catherine.

Horace Ashley, who is the youngest of the centenarian’s eight children, told The Beacon that his father was taken to hospital this morning after his condition deteriorated.

He stated that, based on his observation since last week, he knew that his dad was doing his final lap.

“This is something we were looking forward to. The only thing we can do is give thanks, because 103 is a lot to celebrate. Some of us feel a little bit down, but we try to stay in a celebratory mood,” he told The Beacon.

Meanwhile, the late centenarian has a sister, Maudlin Ashley-Mason, who turned 100 in May. He also has three other sisters who are above 90 years old.

He was born and raised in Lluidas Vale district, where he worked at Worthy Park Sugar Estate before becoming a small sugarcane farmer.

The late Ashley, who lived at Union district in Lluidas Vale, became bedridden a few years ago.

When The Beacon interviewed him in February, he stated that he would like to be remembered mainly as a man of God.

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