Lorraine Fletcher, who is among two persons charged with murder in relation to the death of her seven-year-old step-daughter Tianna Russell, is yet to take up the bail she has been offered.

The child’s father, Rohan Russell, is also charged with murder.

When the two last appeared in the St. Catherine Parish Court, they were each offered bail in the sum of $500,000.

Tianna’s father, who managed to take up his bail offer, attended the child’s funeral and gave a tribute on Wednesday, November 3.

The child, whose mother Claudia Francis died some four years ago after falling ill, lived with her father and step-mother at New Works district in Linstead.

The JCF said: “Reports from the Linstead Police are that, about 1:30AM, Tianna was taken to hospital by her father, who reported that he heard her struggling to breathe. The child was pronounced dead shortly after. The police were summoned and several marks – suggestive of abuse – were seen on Tianna’s body. The body and her home were processed.”

The father and step-mother will return to court tomorrow.

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