Girlie moves from living on streets to drama, to losing wife

He couldn't read or write when he dropped out of secondary school and ran away from home to fend and live in the gritty streets of Montego Bay, followed by Half Way Tree in St Andrew. "I was on the street pushing cart in the Montego Bay market for many many years - sleeping in the market, sleeping on the sidewalk - just like what a regular runaway would do," said Lacell Parnell, the actor popularly known as Girlie and Mr Handsome. He told The Jamaica Beacon that his main reasons for fleeing his Maroon Town home in St James included underdevelopment. "I wasn't being abused at home; I wasn't being neglected. I was just being me - just being bad and wanted to run," added Parnell. He eventually traded the streets of Montego Bay for those of Half Way Tree, and would oftentimes seek refuge in The Half Way Tree Playhouse - a theatre. When the theatre operators eventually discovered that he was sneaking into the building at night, they gave him the opportunity to sleep there, but under the condition that he would clean the facility. "By taking that choice to stay, I took the opportunity to watch every play at the Playhouse," Parnell noted. Parnell first appeared on stage when an actor did not show up for a play, and actress Paula Powell suggested that he be used to fill the void, playing the role of a policeman. "Some of the actors think I was funnier than the original person that was supposed to play the role." However, Parnell, who attended Chatsworth All Age School and la
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