BOY POWER – Students help classmate displaced by ‘duppy’ house fire

BOY POWER – Students help classmate displaced by ‘duppy’ house fire

November 15, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

A group of boys at Jonathan Grant High School in Spanish Town, St Catherine, has provided a home and relief supplies to their classmate who is among persons displaced by a house fire at Nugent Street in Spanish Town on Tuesday, November 12.

The family claimed that the house was burnt to the ground by ghosts, who had taken up residence at the premises – even writing a note threatening to set the place on fire.

One of the 11 people displaced is 14-year-old Omar Lindo, who lost everything except the things he had at school during the blaze. He said he went home on Tuesday evening to find the house destroyed.

When Omar returned to school the following day, he delivered the bad news to his Grade Nine classmates. Six of them swung into action, seeking donations for their friend.

Lead coordinator of the fundraising effort, Paris Francis, told The Beacon: “We are gathering funds and supplies that Omar might need to help him during his struggle at this moment. For instance, we are collecting food, clothing, soap – things he will need.”

He further explained how he, along with other classmates, was moved by Omar’s plight.

“Omar came to school on Wednesday morning crying, and he said to one of the group members that his house was burnt down. Straight away, we started collecting funds and writing down some items he might need, and then we get at it,” the lead coordinator said.

The school population has responded positively.

“Almost everybody in our class gave as much as they can. As small as it is, we accept it,” the lead coordinator said.

Another of the coordinators, Javin Jameson, is sharing his home with his displaced classmate.

“It feels good to be able to help because, if I was in his position, I would need people to help me too,” he told The Beacon, noting that his parents are also happy to help.

Principal at Jonathan Grant High, Dr. O’neil Ankle, is proud of his boys.

“This is the kind of thing I am expecting from my students, and what is interesting is that they are all boys. The effort by these boys tells me that there is hope for this country; there is hope for this world,” the principal posited.

He further reasoned: “If a set of boys can go out of their way to at least start an initiative for another classmate, it speaks volume to what we can achieve as a country.”

The principal also noted that, a few days prior to the fire, he had a riveting discussion with the boys about their role in society.

According to the coordinating students, they were motivated by the discussion their principal had with them.

Omar, in the meantime, said he is highly appreciative of his classmates’ effort.

Asked if he would assist a student displaced by a blaze, the fire victim quipped: “Yes sir, of course I would help.”

Members of the public can help Omar through Jonathan Grant High School by calling 876-812-1431.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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