Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson has appealed for residents of Lluidas Vale, St Catherine, to share information with the police about even minor crimes and disputes taking place in their rural community.

He, during the official opening of the Shady Grove Police Station in Lluidas Vale yesterday, noted that his team is willing to respond accordingly if residents allow the crime situation to get out of control.

He added: “Where we have persons in the community that are doing things that they shouldn’t be doing – of any sort, let us know, for these things only grow from strength to strength and start to get worse and worse and then we have a crisis, then we have a major event that a community like Lluidas Vale does not need.

“So as soon as you start to see the problems arising, even those domestic problems – those problems over land and property; those problems involving young people, let us know before they become a crisis,” the commissioner further said.

He noted that the police have law enforcement responsibility, but they also are peace officers.

“We want to default to being peace officers – to maintaining community relations and maintaining an environment of peace and calm that is almost inherent in Lluidas Vale. With your help, we can do that. If we allow things to spin out, then we have to become law enforcement officers. That’s the other option. We prefer the first [option to be peace officers], but we are very willing to do the second,” the commissioner said.

Commissioner of Police Antony Anderson (right) tours Shady Grove Police Station with security minister Dr Horace Chang (middle) and Senior General Manager at the National Housing Trust Donald Moore

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