Wright Doing It Right – Linstead man raising four sons whose mother died

Wright Doing It Right – Linstead man raising four sons whose mother died

June 21, 2020 0 By Horace Mills
The four children strike a pose with their mother, who died of cancer

Andre Wright and sons – including the pair of twins

Andre Wright has grown accustomed to doing it on his own – and doing it right.

He is raising four sons, whose mother, Jean McLean, died of cancer in 2016.

He said: “At first after the mother died, it was hard – very hard, but I just stand by them and do what I have to do.”

Wright, who lives at Linstead in St. Catherine, said he is still heavily involved daily especially in relation to his 12-year-old pair of twins.

“I have to get up in the mornings, prepare their breakfast, prepare them to go to school, [and] make sure when they come home they get their dinner,” he explained.

Wright’s two other sons are 15 and 16 years old.

“I usually tell them that being big doesn’t mean being a man. Being a man means responsibility. Sometimes when they are coming of age, they believe seh dem a man,” he reasoned.

“Raising boys is a hard task. Raising boys, you have to put your feet down. You have to be constantly watching.”

Wright was raised by his mother Blossom Nicholson and his step-father Seaberth Anderson.

He told The Beacon that he did not have a relationship with his biological father, although people usually tell him that he is the splitting image of his dad.

“After the death of my mother in 1995, my father send call mi. I went, and he said: ‘What yuh want mi duh fi you?’ At that age when he recognized me, it wasn’t really important because mi grown up and have mi work already,” the professional photographer said.

He further stated that, having experienced the absence of his biological father, he does not want his sons to ever question his whereabouts.

“Because mi grow without a father, mi try my best to not let my children grow up like that. I want them to know that I stand by their side every minute every hour,” Wright posited.

He made it clear that his children will never get too old to be loved. “Nuh care what size dem be, love them,” he emphasized.

Wright, in the meantime, implored other fathers to love and care for their children.

“Put your children first; nuh put nobody before them. Your children should be your first priority,” he advised. “Be a man; be responsible.”

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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