A MASSIVE BLOW – Linstead leaders hail murdered businessman

A MASSIVE BLOW – Linstead leaders hail murdered businessman

February 16, 2020 2 By Horace Mills

The gun murder of businessman Wayne Stanbury has been described as a massive blow to the community of Linstead, St. Catherine.

Stanbury, pictured above, was murdered while walking into the Emmanuel Apostolic Church on Slipe Road in Kingston this morning, February 16. In a previous incident on the night of October 11 last year, he was shot and wounded in Linstead while heading home from church in a car.

Stanbury headed Berry-don Financial Services, which operates the Western Union outlet at 25A King Street in Linstead.

He contributed significantly to community-related activities, said Devon Smith, President of the Linstead Community Development Committee (Linstead CDC).

“Our CDC family is mourning the shooting death of our most outstanding businessman and partner of the Linstead CDC,” he said.

Smith added: “Mr. Stanbury gave of his best to the community in all possible ways – schools, churches, clubs [and] just about any way he could give to this community. He also involved himself in a number of organizations; he served as school board chairman, et cetera. It is a great blow to have lost such wonderful community person.”

Meanwhile, Councillor for the Linstead Division, Herbert Garriques, hailed Stanbury for his contributions to the community.

“It is a sad day,” he told The Beacon, adding that he was close to the businessman.

“Mr. Stanbury was a good man [and] a decent person – based on what I know, because I never knew him before he started to operate business in the community. I know him to be a calm, easy-going type of person – and he has done very good work community-wise.”

Garriques further noted that Stanbury was among the three persons who started the Linstead Chamber of Commerce – the others being Derrick Thompson and Robert Demetrius.

“They were forerunners in doing something that I wanted to have happen years ago – to put what I call a chamber of commerce together; and they actually got something started,” the councillor said.

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