February 11, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Persons are trying to come to terms with the tragic loss of 43-year-old Kevin Gordon – the latest victim of tragedy in his family.

Gordon, who lived in the United Kingdom for several years, was on the island to attend the funeral of his uncle in the Guy’s Hill area of St. Catherine last weekend – Saturday, February 8.

However, he died in a car crash on the Guy’s Hill Main Road on the afternoon of February 6 – a day after he arrived on the island.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) stated that, based on reports to the Guy’s Hill Police, Gordon lost control of his grey Toyota Mark X and crashed into a utility pole.

The police did not give further details.

However, area residents told The Beacon that Gordon was at a grave-digging (not the one held for his uncle) in the Guy’s Hill area when he was informed that his sister had fainted.

He was heading towards his sister’s location, reportedly in a rush, when the crash happened.

Another person who reportedly was in the car escaped unharmed.

However, Gordon was pinned down in the vehicle for some time, because the area where the driver’s seat is located was directly impacted by the collision.

Residents exerted much effort, including tying the partially wrecked car onto a goods truck to pull it away from the utility pole so that Gordon could be released.

Gordon, who grew up in the Guy’s Hill area and attended Guy’s Hill High School, eventually migrated to the United Kingdom.

“He was a real down-to-earth and loyal person – one who adores his family and true friends,” said one of his childhood friends.

This is not the first time that tragedy is hitting Gordon’s family.

One of his brothers was stabbed fatally during a family feud several years ago – not far from where the car crashed last week.

Another brother reportedly was kidnapped in the Linstead area of St. Catherine and has not been seen since.

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