TOO MUCH GARBAGE – Linstead standing out in parish for leptospirosis

February 27, 2020 1 By Horace Mills

Linstead resident Evon Brown expressing outrage

A declaration that a large number of the leptospirosis cases in St. Catherine are from the Linstead area of the parish has triggered a call for the authorities to clamp down on litterbugs.

During a town hall meeting in Linstead on February 20, the Medical Officer of Health for St. Catherine, Dr Francia Prosper-Chen, disclosed: “We tend to see more of the leptospirosis cases [in the parish] coming from Linstead.”

She did not give figures.

Her comment did not escape a Linstead resident, Evon Brown, who immediately called for litterbugs to be prosecuted.

Brown blasted business operators on King Street, and said Fourth Street is also frequently filled with garbage.

“When yuh look out there and si the garbage, police need to prosecute them – all the wholesale, both Jamaicans and Chinese. Everywhere pack up with garbage… Disgraceful… We need wardens to go around a morning time and, as dem open [business], yuh fling one ticket inna dem backside,” Brown said in the meeting.

He added: “On King Street alone, the amount a money yuh can collect could run the parish council with the garbage thing!”

Brown further said the garbage truck that he sometimes sees at work is woefully inadequate.

In response, Chairman of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation, Norman Scott, said he will again bring the issue to the attention of the National Solid Waste Management Authority, which is responsible for garbage collection.

He further stated that the garbage problem in Linstead is discussed at virtually all monthly meetings of the Municipal Corporation.

“We have tried on several occasions to have consultation with the Solid Waste people. Every council meeting this issue is the topical issue as it relates to the collection of garbage in the Linstead area.

“I am going to try again to convene another discussion with the head of the Solid Waste and the councillors; it is best if we could bring that meeting into Linstead,” Scott further said during the town hall meeting, which was hosted by the South East Regional Health Authority at St. Helen’s Roman Catholic Church Hall.

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