St. Catherine | Busload Of Call Centre Workers Sparks COVID Concern

St. Catherine | Busload Of Call Centre Workers Sparks COVID Concern

April 17, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

A number of Alorica call centre employees and their contacts in and around Linstead, St. Catherine, are concerned about the pace at which they are either being traced or tested for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

At least 50 people from Linstead and surrounding communities work at the Portmore or Kingston branches of Alorica.

The company’s Portmore branch has been hard hit by a COVID-19 outbreak.

The workers already tested positive include at least two who travel on a bus that takes Alorica employees daily from Linstead town, through Bog Walk, to the two Alorica branches – Kingston and Portmore.

One of the workers who tested positive is from Ewarton district; the other is from Bog Walk.

Some of the other persons who usually travel on the staff bus from Linstead have tested, but are still awaiting their results.

One of those who is yet to be tested lives at Ewarton district. She works at the Alorica branch in Kingston, but travels on the same bus as the workers who are stationed in Portmore where the outbreak is located.

Her mother told The Beacon that she wants attention to be placed on Alorica’s Kingston workers, including her daughter, because she used the aforementioned bus. The mother thinks other members of her family who have been in contact with her daughter should also be tested.

She said the health authorities have promised to pick up her family today to do the COVID-19 test.

EDITORIAL NOTE: We have omitted some specifics from this story to protect the identities of COVID-19 patients.

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