St. Catherine – Another Ewarton Resident Tests Positive; Family Bashed

St. Catherine – Another Ewarton Resident Tests Positive; Family Bashed

April 17, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

A second family in the Ewarton area of St. Catherine has confirmed to The Beacon that a loved one who works at Alorica call centre in Portmore has tested positive for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The matriarch of the family said her daughter has been in isolation at Spanish Town Hospital, and her condition is not considered severe.

She added that her daughter sometimes travels from the Ewarton area to work in Portmore, but she mainly stays outside the community in order to reduce travel time.

The mother admitted that her daughter was with the family in Ewarton when she started to feel certain pains.

“The other day she was here and her period deh pon her; she in pain, but she have the high blood pressure too. She goh back to work the Saturday. Same time dem hear about the virus, her pressure fly up on her almost give her stroke. They rush with her to hospital. When they test her, they seh they find little [COVID-19] inna her. She nuh come back here in Ewarton,” the mother added.

She stated that the other members of her household, including children, have not been showing any COVID-19 symptom.

The mother said she has been trying for days, without success, to have her family tested.

“Mi call dem (health authorities) and tell dem and dem nuh come. Dem seh mi fi stay and watch for symptom, and nuh come outa wi yawd; soh wi stay inna wi yawd,” she explained.

The mother stated that, if the health authorities don’t show up by Monday, she will travel to have the test done at Linstead Health Centre.

She, in the meantime, lamented that a number of people especially in her community have been stigmatizing and chastising members of her household in person and via telephone.

The mother said the critics have accused her family of possibly having COVID-19 and refusing to report to the health authorities.

In the meantime, the first Alorica worker locally to have tested positive for the highly contagious virus is also from the Ewarton area. She too is in isolation at Spanish Town Hospital.

An outbreak of the virus at Alorica in Portmore has resulted in 52 workers so far being tested positive for COVID-19. It also led to a shutdown of the entire parish of St. Catherine for seven days.

Jamaica so far recorded 143 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including five deaths.

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