St. Ann Head Girl Gets First Choice – Westwood High School

St. Ann Head Girl Gets First Choice – Westwood High School

August 27, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

The final year of primary school is forever etched on the mind of 11-year-old Cadaedra Steer.

During that time, she served as Head Girl at Lime Hall Primary and Infant School in St. Ann, and was placed at her first choice of secondary school – the prestigious Westwood High in Trelawny.

That placement is based on Steer’s commendable performance in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP).

She stood tall academically despite sudden modification to the PEP grading system due to the closure of schools, caused by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Steer, who is working to become a professional chef, is pleased with her performance.

“I feel excited, but not that shocked, because I was always a top performer from basic school and throughout primary school,” she said.

A breakdown of Steer’s PEP performance shows that she scored 100 percent in the Ability Test, and obtained Mastery of Literacy and Numeracy. She also attained the highest level of proficiency (Highly Proficient) in Mathematics and Social Studies, but was Proficient in Language Arts and Science.

Steer told The Beacon that she was able to perform well partly because she tries to listen more than she speaks.

“I am always at lesson class in the evening; I do all my homework; I study; and I participate in class. I try to do more listening than talking,” said the young scholar, who was a member of the Math Club, Environmental Club and Culture Club at Lime Hall Primary.

Her parents – Carlene Bryan and Kingsley Steer – are elated.

“I felt overwhelmed about her performance, but I knew she had the potential,” the mother said, adding: “I expect my daughter to do better in high school and to keep the role as a leader.”

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