Persons who recently attended a parenting conference in Linstead, St Catherine, left with thought-provoking propositions as to how they should raise children of the 21st century.

Some methods used by previous generations are outdated, and will only push children of this era into rebellion, Pastor Winston Nathan told the audience.

“We are in a different time and a different era,” he asserted. “I encourage all of us to understand the era that we are in, so that we cannot only be good parents, but that we can be effective parents.”

Nathan, whose presentation was hinged to the theme – Understanding Your Teen In Today’s Changing Culture, stated that parents of previous generations were more autocratic.

Children nowadays, however, are demanding to be heard in relation to issues such as fashion.

The pastor, sharing an example, said he allows his young son to wear relatively tight pants – not to school, but to other occasions. He said he doesn’t want his son to feel left out.

“I don’t transfer my father’s parenting into this century of parenting because, the truth have it, it just couldn’t work. There would be a lot of rebellion. So it’s understanding this generation, understanding who they are,” added Nathan, who also is a guidance counsellor.

He, in the meantime, challenged parents to love their children – not to give up on even those who have strayed.

“No matter how far they may have strayed – it is difficult for some parents to love them back, but love them…” Nathan further reasoned. “Sometimes we parents behave as though we never had a past; we behave as though we never failed; we never falter; we never messed up.”

The pastor also urged parents to ensure their children are protected from evil forces of the society.

“There are some evil-lurking demons – devils out there, and they are targeting our young ones; they are poisoning their minds… We are in a troubled society and we have to realize that they are using our children,” Nathan said.

He, in the meantime, shared several other dos and don’ts regarding parenting, and responded to questions raised during the May 11 parenting conference, held at the Church of the First Born – Bethel Gospel Hall, Linstead.

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