Not Their Projects – Amos Blasts PNP Reps Over Road Works

Not Their Projects – Amos Blasts PNP Reps Over Road Works

June 24, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

A general election candidate for the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Newton Amos, has chided members of the opposing party – saying they are claiming ownership of projects being undertaken by state-owned agencies.

He mentioned Member of Parliament Robert Pickersgill, Councillor Hugh Graham and Councillor Sydney Rose – all members of the People’s National Party (PNP).

They are all serving in the St.Catherine North West constituency, where Amos is also a candidate for the JLP.

Amos, in a statement sent to The Beacon, said: “I am now more than ever completely convinced that the PNP main manifesto going into the next election is to seek out all the road work being undertaken by the government through National Works Agency; and those farm roads being done by RADA (Rural Agricultural Development Authority).

“Right across Jamaica, and particularly in St. Catherine North Western, you can see Pickersgill, Hugh Graham and Sydney Rose making a nuisance of themselves – claimed that they are the ones fixing roads that were never touched by them during their [party’s] 23-year tenure,” Amos further opined.

He noted roads works being done in Canal, Wakefield, Heathfield, Lemon Ridge, Buxton Town, Savannah, Treadways and Mount Rosser.

Amos said the PNP politicians are deliberately misleading people into thinking that they are the ones doing the road works.

“This is a deliberate and calculated lie, and a distortion of the real facts – which has become the feature of this dishonest and shameful organization called PNP… They have gravel so low to have claimed the work of the government to be that of their own – shamefully on social media – to deceive.

“Unlike yours, this Government has placed a premium on building stability and economic growth, and has in general terms been an efficient government. On the contrary, the PNP must be haunted by all those failures they have inflicted upon the Jamaican people by using all kinds of trickery to deceive. We are in the ‘now time’, and no longer all the people will be fooled,” Amos further reasoned.

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