No sex with children, Linstead residents warned

No sex with children, Linstead residents warned

March 6, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Regional Director at the Child Protection and Family Services Agency, Robert Williams, last evening appealed for adults in the Linstead area of St. Catherine to desist from having sex with children who are below the age of consent – 16 years old, adding that it is no excuse to claim that the children look like adults.

“Men, you have to take step to know that the child is at a particular age – over 16. You can’t just say ‘she look big’. Police gwine come tek yuh out of yuh bed!” he warned during a Child Protection Forum, which his agency hosted at Rose Duncan Park in the middle of Linstead town.

Williams continued: “Anybody who has sex with anybody under the age of 16 it’s prison work; you going to lock up; you going to be in some serious trouble because the child under 16 cannot – even if the child says ‘yes’, it doesn’t mean ‘yes’ because they can’t tell you ‘yes’.”

Williams noted that 3,000 children were molested on the island in the year 2017, adding that 300 of them are boys.

He cautioned people who know that minors are being sexually abused and fail to report such abuse to the authorities.

They can be imprisoned for six months or fined 500,000 maximum, Williams noted.

Some members of the audience, in the meantime, called for the age of consent to be increased to 18.

“Sixteen-year-old cannot work [and] cannot vote, so she not supposed to have sex either,” one woman opined.

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