No more than 10 people together!

No more than 10 people together!

March 24, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said his government will strictly enforce a new order, which reduces the number of people allowed to gather at any one place to 10, starting on Wednesday, March 25.

The current number is 20 people maximum.

The restriction on gatherings initially was imposed earlier this month as Government tries to minimize the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The prime minister said it is necessary to further reduce crowd sizes now that the virus is to reach the community phase – effectively meaning that more people are expected to contract it in communities across the island.

“As we are moving into the community transmission phase, we have to cut the numbers that gather and so we are at 10. Other countries are down to five and two,” he said during a press conference in Kingston on Monday, March 23.

The prime minister further stated that one of the reasons the number is not further reduced is because Government is trying to minimize economic fallout.

“It is a very difficult balancing situation, but I believe that we are finding the right balance. So, we are down to 10. This will be enforced strictly,” he further declared.

The stipulation, which also applies to events such as funerals and weddings, does not include parliamentary sittings.

Jamaica, so far, has recorded 21 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including one death.

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