NEW TWIST: Dinthill defends reporting Charlemont in football scandal

NEW TWIST: Dinthill defends reporting Charlemont in football scandal

October 10, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Dinthill Technical High School in St Catherine is admitting that it had reported one of its neighbouring schools, Charlemont High, to the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA).

It filed the complaint after discovering that Charlemont was using an ineligible player in the ongoing ISSA/WATA daCosta Cup Football Competition.

“One of our aims is to ensure that our youngsters realize that fair play is always the better way. Once that was upheld; that’s all we want,” said Dinthill’s principal, Monica White.

She further told The Beacon: “Dinthill had asked ISSA to investigate; ISSA acted; we got a response.”

ISSA ruled that Dinthill should get 6 points from the two games it played against Charlemont High, because the ineligible player was involved.

Charlemont High, on the other hand, lost all points gained in both matches. It had won one of the games; the other ended in a draw.

Both schools, though being neighours, are jostling for points to advance from Zone K to the second round of the competition.

The extra points from ISSA have catapulted Dinthill from the bottom of the zone, to becoming the second favourite team to advance – a position Charlemont held prior to being punished by ISSA.

The zone is being led by McGrath High School.

Meanwhile, Principal at Charlemont High, Garth Gayle, in an interview with The Beacon yesterday, said he heard about the breach involving his school, investigated it, confirmed it, and immediately reported it to ISSA.

It is now clear that Charlemont acted after Dinthill got wind of the said breach.

The principal of Charlemont is insisting that he had no previous knowledge of the breach, adding that his school was not being dishonest.

Explaining the breach, Gayle said Charlemont apparently overlooked a forged academic document, which the footballer in question used in matriculating to sixth form at the school. The footballer is a recent graduate of Ewarton High School.

Gayle said the document submitted to Charlemont showed that the student footballer was successful in a particular subject when he in fact had failed.

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Since the incident, the footballer has been booted from Charlemont.

He, by virtue of not meeting the academic requirements to attend that school, should not have been representing the institution in the daCosta Cup competition.

By Horace Mills, Journalist; B.A. degree in Media and Communications; CRIMAC, University of the West Indies

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