My mom was pregnant | Daughter gives movie-like account of mother’s murder

My mom was pregnant | Daughter gives movie-like account of mother’s murder

April 11, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Shantae McDonald has disclosed that her mother, who was murdered in the streets of Kingston yesterday, was a few weeks pregnant, and was filing for divorce from the man who shot her dead.

The mother, Rouleene Clarke-Gowans, who was a correctional officer at Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre, is pictured above.

Her estranged husband, Patrick Gowans, who also was a correctional officer, shot himself dead at the crime scene.

The couple’s 12-year-old daughter, who was travelling to school in her father’s car, watched the episode turn deadly despite her appeal for peace.

McDonald, who is the late woman’s elder daughter, said her step-father was abusive. She, as earlier reported by The Beacon, added that the man went to the eventual crime scene and waited for his wife to show up.

This is what she WROTE:

My step-father abused my mother for years mentally and physically.

She was tired of it and left at the beginning of the year. She was filing for divorce.

She was living back and forth at my house and my grandpa’s house.

This is not the first time he tried to kill her from the year started.

She was on her way to work in the morning when he lay waited her (with my 12 year old sister in the car).

He saw her and ran to her with his gun.

My sister tried to hold him back saying “Daddy no, MOMMY RUN!” but he flashed her off and continue to chase after my mom. My sister continued behind him.

He approached her and starting putting the gun to her head. My mom said “KC u don’t have to do this”.

He fired the first shot in her stomach. She was a couple weeks pregnant which most person did not know but he knew. She fell to the ground. At this point my sister was beside her dad.

He fired two in her back and one in her head then proceeded to put the gun in his mouth and killed himself.

At the moment, he was not dead. He was gasping for air for a couples minutes well until he died.

Please I share my story with all to eliminate the defamation of my mother’s name and shed light on abuse. If you know anyone being abuse please reach out for help.

This is the ultimate act of sadness. A 12 year old witness the murder of her mom and a selfless act of her father.

Please keep my family especially my sister Patreeka and my 3 year old daughter Zoel in your prayers and thoughts as we grieve the death of my mother Deshanay Clarke.

RIP MOMMY and I will make you proud by taking up where you left of being a mother to my sister 😇💘 I will always and forever love you!

Shantae McDonald via Facebook

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