MP wants electricity in several of his rural communities

MP wants electricity in several of his rural communities

October 5, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

First-term parliamentarian Leslie Campbell has lamented that there is still no electricity and access to internet in several communities across his constituency of St Catherine North Eastern, which covers places such as Troja, Guy’s Hill and Mount Industry.

He raised the issues on Tuesday, October 1, during the State of the Constituency Debate in the House of Representatives.

In relation to electricity, Campbell said steps are being taken to have more communities get access through the National Energy Solution Company Limited (NESCL), which once operated as the Rural Electrification Programme.

He told the House: “There are several communities in North East St Catherine without electricity. I speak of Mizpah, Walker, Retreat among others. Mapping and other work has been done on these areas, and I am hopeful that after the transfer of NESCL that these works will in fact be completed, and that we can say to our constituents that the light and the prosperity has eventually reached them.”

Campbell, turning to the issue of internet access, said: “We are in the agile digital arena. However, these benefits that flow from our access to the worldwide web are severely restricted or non-existent. Areas like Bonnett in Guy’s Hill, Top Mountain, Facey, and Berry Hill are without service. This remains so after a grant of national licence to several providers. We have schools in Ham Walk, Pear Tree Grove, Bonnett, Top Mountain and these schools cannot compete with those that operate in the townships. Again, the cry for justice and equity.”

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