Missing baby is my only child| 52-y-o dad speaks out

Missing baby is my only child| 52-y-o dad speaks out

June 4, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Delroy Chambers, who said he is not sure if he will become a father again, is not happy that the only child he had 28 years ago allegedly was given away by the mother, Winsome Clarke.

Clarke, in an interview with The Beacon last week, said she left the child – then three years old, with a vendor at Guinep Tree in May Pen, Clarendon.

She explained that the father, Chambers, should have collected the child from the vendor, but did not do so immediately.

Clarke further claimed that, 25 years later, she is yet to see the child or the vendor, whom she said was well know to her and to the child’s father.

But the father, in response, said he does not know the vendor in question. “Mi nuh sure of the lady; mi nuh know the lady,” he declared.

He told The Beacon that the child would often spend time with him, adding that he, at the time, lived in Guinep Tree district.

According to the 52-year-old father, the mother took the child to his house one day and did not see him.

That’s when she purportedly gave the child to the vendor.

Chambers added that he did not know the child was missing until two months later when he did not see the mother and made certain enquiries.

“I guess she was young. When she come look for me and nuh si mi, she goh in May Pen town and left the pickney with one lady‚Ķ She never tell mi she left the pickney with one lady until about two months after,” he told The Beacon.

Chambers further stated that he, like the child’s mother, did not report the matter to the police or to the media. He regrets not doing so.

“If wi did publish it like how wi doing it now, maybe we would find him. But wi did just a walk and search and ask; it never work out,” added the father who lives at Bucknor in May Pen.

He noted that Clarke has gone on to have three other children, but he is not sure if he will have a second one.

“Mi feel bad about the situation yuh know; mi feel real bad,” he said.

The father added that the situation weighs heavily on him especially when his coworkers talk about their children.

Clarke, in the meantime, said she has intensified her search for the child partly because the father doesn’t have another.

“To see he is the only child for his father, I just feel a way about it,” said the mother, who lives in Manchester.

She added that she was 20 years old when she gave birth to the baby who, at the time, was called Chazzar.

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