Memorial | Alexander Morgan, 91, of Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine

May 20, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

Shelliann Morgan wept yesterday while she watched the interment of her father, Alexander Morgan, better known as ‘Masa’ and ‘Blacksmith’.

Mr. Morgan, 91, passed away at his home in Union District, Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine, on 2 May 2021 after a period of illness.

He was buried at Lluidas Vale Cemetery amid national restrictions implemented to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, some relatives were unable to fly into the island to personally pay their last respect.

One of Mr. Morgan’s daughters, Carol Morgan, who is overseas, spoke glowingly of her father during a tribute she delivered virtually.

“He is caring; he is kind; he is loving,” she said, adding that Mr. Morgan particularly loved his children – three daughters and one son.

That sentiment was also shared by Monique Brown, who presented the eulogy during a relatively short ceremony at the grave-side.

“Mr. Morgan was very protective of his children, especially his girls. Once you trouble them, you would see him wielding his cutlass and cussing saying, ‘If oonu romp with Shelly or Charmaine, a death’. He would also boast of his one son, Neil…” Brown told the gathering.

“To say he (Mr. Morgan) loved his children would have been an understatement, and to say that they are going to miss him would be an even greater understatement.”

Mr. Morgan was the first of two children for his parents, Annie Barnes and Isaac Morgan, who both predeceased him.

He was born on 12 September 1929 at Hill Top in the Union area of Lluidas Vale.

He attended Miss Green Basic School and later Lluidas Vale All Age, now Lluidas Vale Primary.

After leaving school, Mr. Morgan, while still a youngster, went to work as a cane-cutter at Worthy Park Sugar Estate in his community.

Mr. Morgan, at different points, developed romantic relationships with two women who ended up producing his children.

He had a daughter, Carol, with one of those women. His other children – Shelliann, Neil, and Charmaine – are from the second relationship.

As his family became larger, Mr. Morgan left Worthy Park Estate for greener pastures.

He travelled to the United States as a farm worker via Government’s overseas employment programme.

Brown, in the eulogy, stated that Mr. Morgan did not only take a keen interest in the welfare of his children. He also had a social conscience, notwithstanding his sometimes intimidating posture.

Brown explained: “Mr. Morgan was a helpful man. He would always give a helping hand where necessary. Whenever there is a death in the community and the grave is to be dug, you can be rest assured that he would be the first one there. He would wok from morning until night not expecting a dollar.

“Mr. Morgan had a strong presence that, to many, would have seemed intimidating. But he had a gentle side. You could tell him anything and knew that he would never judge you, but would instead encourage you to follow your instinct,” Brown further told the gathering.

“As Mr. Morgan got older, he went through a series of illnesses, but, even in this time, he was still jovial and feisty as ever. His personality was never diminished…”

Brown further recalled that one of Mr. Morgan’s favourite songs, which he sometimes belted out while walking the streets, is ‘Glasshouse’, by Reggae icon Peter Tosh.

Mr. Morgan is survived by his four children, 11 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, as well as three great-great-grandchildren.

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