Long distance traveller earns 9 CSEC subjects; all Grade Ones

Long distance traveller earns 9 CSEC subjects; all Grade Ones

August 20, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

The relatively long and arduous trips to and from school have paid off for Serene Shirley, now the proud holder of nine CSEC subjects – all with the highest grade attainable (Grade One).

Serene, over a five-year period, woke up about 5 o’clock each morning at her home in the Windsor Castle area of Portland.

She then traversed the unpredictable Junction Road that takes her into Kingston, where she attended St Andrew High School for Girls.

On a good day, the journey between home and school takes about 75 minutes. However, when there is a traffic pile-up especially on Junction Road, the trip lasts for some 120 minutes.

Serene, who exerted much effort to arrive at school in time for the first bell at 7:20, is leaving fifth form with the following CSEC subjects:

  • Additional Mathematics – Grade One
  • English B – Grade One
  • Mathematics – Grade One
  • Biology – Grade One
  • Chemistry – Grade One
  • Physics – Grade One
  • French – Grade One
  • English A – Grade One
  • Information Technology – Grade One

Serene reaped straight ‘A Profile’ in eight of those subjects, including Mathematics and English A.

“I feel very accomplished – relieved actually that my hard work has finally paid off,” she told The Beacon, adding: “I believe my long nights studying have contributed to my success – as well as my dedication to watching videos by Kerwin Springer who really allowed my success to take flight.”

Serene previously attended The Liberty Learning Centre at Buff Bay in Portland – leaving there at the top of her batch with a 97.6 percent average in the Grade Six Achievement Test. She went on to make the honour roll over a five-year period in secondary school.

Serene intends to enroll at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, where she will pursue studies to become a biomedical engineer or a nanotechnologist.

The young scholar’s mother, Shanna Shirley, in the meantime, said she feels actualized through her daughter’s accomplishments.

“I feel actualized through her accomplishments as the daily traverse through the Junction and traffic was a challenge. I ensured that the gaps were constantly filled by being there for her daily,” Shanna further said.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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